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The 2021 Annular Solar Eclipse

Join me on June 10 from 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM with Amateur Astronomers Association of New York via their Facebook and YouTube as we live stream the annular solar eclipse of 2021!

What is an Annular Eclipse? Unlike a total solar eclipse that covers the disk of the Sun for a number of minutes, an annular solar eclipse only partially covers the Sun, resulting in the famed "Ring Of Fire" effect.


Is this rare? Not at all. Annular solar eclipses happen every six months. It's the location that varies each time. In this case, New York City will have 72% totality.

I missed it! When is the next one? The next annular solar eclipse is on October 14, 2023, but New York City will have poor viewing. You will need to travel south.

As always, all events are weather permitting.


Image Credit: Kuiper Kat's Astronomy

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