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The Amateur Astronomers Association Presents: Veterans Day Transit of Mercury

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York for a day of talks and observing the Transit of Mercury! The AAA will be set up at various locations within the five boroughs as our inner-most planet crosses in front of the Sun.

The Transit of Mercury will be visible—weather permitting—for at least several hours in most of the world, including the US, South America, Africa, and Europe. For us in New York City, the event will begin at 7:34 AM and last until 1:05 PM. The next Mercury transit visible from the US will happen on May 7, 2049.


Telescopes will be set up in various locations across the five boroughs, with presentations being held at B&H Photo Video Pro Audio. Locations listed here.


What is a Transit?
A Transit is when a celestial body (like a planet) passes between a much larger object (like a star) and the observer (you).

What's the difference between a Transit and an Eclipse?
An eclipse is the result of the total or partial masking of a celestial body by another along an observer’s line of sight. A transit is the act of one celestial body passing in front of another.

Learn more about Mercury

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